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Skin Kit Dry

Rainpharma - Did you receive this introductory set as a gift? Then someone literally wishes you the very best. Was it a present for yourself? Then you are doing your skin a great favor.
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After all, with this kit you switch to a natural and effective skin care. The six products help you in six steps (from A to F) to conjure up a radiant, calm and clean skin.

Our famous double cleaning method (Advanced Precleanser and Dedicated Face Wash) forms the basis for every morning and evening. In between, you scrub once a week with Brightening Face Scrub and use our intensive nourishing mask (Creamy Hydra Mask) once a week. Then generously spray Elementary Toning Mist on your face to balance your skin. Finally, apply the special day and night cream for your skin type (Full-Force Moisturizing Balm). You will be amazed at the result.

This is a starter set. These 6 products form the basis of the step-by-step plan. It may be that your skin can use a little extra, such as our broccoli products, or benefit from the temporary super intensive treatments (Freshening Day Fluid and Comforting Night Remedy). Moreover, you build up real beauty from within. Therefore choose a holistic total approach. We will give you tailor-made advice about our orthomolecular nutritional supplements and healthy nutrition.

1 x Advanced Precleanser 20 ml (A)
1 x Brightening Face Scrub 20 ml (B)
1 x Creamy Hydra Mask 10 ml (C)
1 x Dedicated Face Wash 20 ml (D)
1 x Elementary Toning Mist 30ml (E)
1 x Full-Force Moisturizing Balm 10 ml (F)

I would be happy to tell you more about skin improvement. For example, did you know that your skin is made up of proteins?

Our orthomolecular nutritional supplements and healthy, gut-friendly protein shakes help you to build up a healthy, radiant skin from within, in addition to a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle (of course!). Experience the full RainPharma effect and become our walking ambassador!

All ingredients are of natural origin and plant-based. No nasties.

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