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Start To Cleanse

RainPharma - Healthy, radiant and calm skin in balance starts with the right cleansing. The RainPharma step-by-step plan cleans your skin perfectly in all softness. We are sure you will love it!
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Apply the double cleansing method: first you use step A, then you cleanse with step D. Sometimes your skin needs a little extra and you use steps B and C in between. Scrub with step B: often, for impure, oily skin or occasionally, for dry skin. Cleanse in depth with step C: a treatment of 7 to 14 days for impure skin, 2 to 4 times a month for normal or dry skin. Use each product as directed on the individual packaging.

A thorough cleaning is the basis of your skin care ritual. With these four products you have the first steps of the RainPharma program in your hands. E and F complete the step-by-step plan. Step E is a refreshing toner. For step F you can choose between different day & night creams and serums. Complete your RainPharma experience and treat yourself to the most beautiful and healthiest skin ever!

1 x Advanced Precleanser 20 ml (A)
1 x Brightening Face Scrub 20 ml (B)
1 x Charcoal Detox Mask 10 ml (C)
1 x Dedicated Face Wash 20 ml (D)

Put your classic care products aside and opt for the natural approach. You immediately feel the beneficial effect on your skin, after a while you will also see the first long-term results: a calm and glowing skin. The best version of yourself. Sometimes your skin needs a little time to wean off the chemicals you used to put on your skin.

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