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Perfect Ten - Essential Oil - Original Collection

RainPharma - Ten Essential Oils - 1 x Rosemary 5 ml, 1 x Eucalyptus 5 ml, 1 x Lemongrass 5 ml, 1 x Lavender 5 ml, 1 x Orange 5 ml, 1 x Sage 5 ml, 1 x Lime 5 ml, 1 x Peppermint 5 ml, 1 x Geranium 5 ml & 1 x Pine 5 ml.
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Essential oils are very precious, concentrated liquids that are extracted by distillation from the flowers, leaves, roots and stems of plants, flowers and herbs. They contain the life force of the plant that we perceive as fragrance.

Many therapeutic properties are attributed to essential oils: their intense scents stimulate, invigorate or calm us. RainPharma works with the best distillers. They created the purest essential oils for you: all of them special and precious gifts from nature. Use the oil in the RainPharma Aroma Diffuser or get started with the RainPharma Startkits. Make your own home perfume in your natural fragrance lab or use your favorite oil with fragrance sticks. For ultimate relaxation, add a few drops to a warm bath or under your massage oil (see instructions for use). Finally, you can also give our neutral body products a scent.

Fragrances are very personal. They evoke feelings and memories or produce a certain effect. There is an essential oil for every mood and for every place in the house: from soothing to invigorating. In this box you will find ten different scents from the advanced collection in small bottles. This way you can discover different scents, find out which essential oil suits you best or provide every spot in the house with its own scent. Fancy more? Also try the original collection.

RainPharma essential oil is of extra pure premium quality.

Use essential oils correctly
Essential oils are super precious and extremely concentrated. They are a pure blessing, but require careful use. Never apply them pure on the skin, but always dissolve them first in Professional Massage Oil from RainPharma. A natural scent in the bath? Then mix your favorite essential oil with Precious Bath Oil. Be careful not to stain clothing or furniture. Essential oils are not suitable for children and pregnant women. Your RainPharma specialist will tell you more about the correct use of essential oils. You need more knowledge to add essential oils to food as a natural flavoring agent.

1 x Essential Oil Rosemary 5 ml
1 x Essential Oil Eucalyptus 5 ml
1 x Essential Oil Lemongrass 5 ml
1 x Essential Oil Lavender 5 ml
1 x Essential Oil Orange 5 ml
1 x Essential Oil Sage 5 ml
1 x Essential Oil Lime 5 ml
1 x Essential Oil Peppermint 5 ml
1 x Essential Oil Geranium 5 ml
1 x Essential Oil Pine 5 ml

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