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This starter pack contains everything you need to create your own natural fragrance lab. Depending on the strength of the fragrance you wish to create, pour half (5 ml) or the entire contents (10 ml) of the essential oil bottle into the glass diffuser with the aid of the funnel. Are you only using half? Then you can easily measure the amount using the pipette. Then fill up with the all-natural and vegetable Room Spray Liquid until the glass diffuser is full. There is enough liquid in the bottle to refill your diffuser afterwards. For this starter kit, we chose lemongrass, our most popular oil. The exotic fragrance brings the sun into your home and dispels unpleasant odours in the kitchen or on the toilet.

Keep the glass diffuser, the funnel and the pipette safe, because you can use them again and again. You can buy the essential oils and Room Spray Liquid separately. Would you like to add a natural scent to every corner of your home with a room spray? The brown glass sprayers are also available separately.

Fragrance experience
All RainPharma fragrances are completely natural and come from renewable sources. Lemongrass takes you on a fragrant, tropical journey. Its extremely fresh, lemony perfume with slightly bitter undertones has an uplifting effect. Would you like to try another scent? We have dozens of alternatives. Visit NEUF Gift Store and take your time to discover the different fragrances. 

Of course, you can simply choose the scent you like. But you can also ask for advice in our store. We will initiate you in aromatherapy and will be happy to elaborate on the properties of each essential oil. Lavender, for instance, is the perfect choice for the bedroom, sage is a must for the living room and incense is the perfect scent for the bathroom. You will see that the possibilities are endless. Moreover, all RainPharma essential oils are of an exceptional premium quality.

1 x Glass Diffuser 100 ml        
1 x Essential Oil Lemongrass 10 ml        
1 x Room Spray Liquid 250 ml        
1 x Funnel         
1 x Pipette

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