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Gift Box - Walking On Clouds

RainPharma - Day in, day out, your feet take you everywhere and it can sometimes be seen: calluses, fissures, dry skin, ... High time to give them a good pampering!
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In this gift box you will find three wonderfully scented products for beautiful, healthy and well-groomed feet. Deodorize, de-swell and relax: take the time to use these three toppers one after the other. Bet you walk on clouds afterwards?

Add a few drops of the bath oil to lukewarm water and let your feet relax for 15 minutes while you enjoy the fresh Eucalyptus scent. After soaking it is time for the scrub. Don't be alarmed by the color because the scrub is pitch black due to the charcoal and will make your feet wonderfully soft. Clean your feet well to remove all scrub residue. Afterwards, lubricate your feet with the Foot Balm to keep your skin soft and nourished. This will help prevent dryness and calluses.

1 x Revitalising Foot Bath Oil 50 ml
1 x Charcoal Detox Foot Scrub 50 ml
1 x Repair & Protect Foot Balm 50 ml

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