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Le Black Label Brut

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Le Black Label Brut owes its iconic name to Victor Lanson who gave it in 1937, both as proof of openness to the world and as a tribute to the Royal Court of England which Lanson has been officially supplying since 1900.
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The authentic style of Le Black label Brut comes from a unique savoir-faire based on: 

- A selection of the finest Crus of Champagne

- The original Champagne vinification method

- A palette of reserve wines counting numerous vintages spread over 20 years

- A longer ageing time in cellar (4 years)

- Blend: Pinot Noir (50%), Chardonnay (35%) and Pinot Meunier (15%)

- Eye: brillant, clear, amber higlights, stream of fine bubbles

- Nose: springtime aromas, toasty hints, honey notes

- Palate: bouquet of ripe fruits, citrus notes, maturity, lightness and freshness 


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