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Object Head Mango 21

SOON BACK IN STOCK // UNC - The biggest challenge in life is trying to be yourself. Some say it’s the easiest thing to do, others struggle with it until the day they cast their last breath.
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Throughout our lives, we play different roles and wear different masks. With a big part of our life taking place online, it’s even more challenging to take off our virtual mask and be ourselves. That struggle is one of the things which inspired us to create this stand. A mango wooden head, of which the structure is still visible, but with a smoked wood finish, carried upon an iron foot. Stand your ground, stand for who you are – this is home, the place you can be absolutely you.

Material: mango and iron
Color: black
Size: 11.2 * 2.5 * 21 cm
Weight: 321 gr

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