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Vase Mieke Cuppen Brown

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Urban Nature Culture collaborates with the talented mind of Dutch designer Mieke Cuppen once again.
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Mieke now makes her grand return with something completely different. A series of vases, made of recycled glass, with each vase offering a graphic silhouette, composed of geometric shapes and available in three different, transparent colours (Arabian Spice & Duck Green) What started as research in combining different shapes, materials and colors within a single silhouette, quickly turned into a challenging game of trying to find the best. A true reflection of the design game Mieke played, all vases find their origin in loose parts, cast in glass and joined forces to create a whole. Objects which stand out on their own, but combined with flowers – you’ll find that each vase carries the flowers in its own way. And that is thing of beauty.

Material: Recycled Glass
Color: Arabian Spice
Size: Ø 12 * 15 cm
Weight: 230 gr

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