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Body Wonder Towel

RainPharma - The Body Wonder Towel is an elongated washcloth with which you can easily wash your back. The gently exfoliating texture gives your favorite plant-based shower gel a luscious lather and exfoliates your back without chafing.
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The result? Super soft and smooth skin.

The Body Wonder Towel is durable and hygienic. The oilcloth is made from a sturdy, quick-drying fabric. Since you only need a little shower gel, the washcloth is extra economical.

You can use the Body Wonder Towel in the shower as well as in the bath. Wet the washcloth and let a little vegetable shower gel foam up. Then massage with circular movements all over the body. Rinse the washcloth thoroughly after use and let it air dry.

- Wet the Body Wonder Towel.
- Pump some natural RainPharma shower gel onto the Body Wonder Towel.
- Massage over the body.
- Rinse the Body Wonder Towel and let it dry until your next shower or bath.

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