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Ylang Ylang Room Spray

RainPharma - The seductively sweet scent of ylang-ylang (which literally means flower of flowers in Indonesian) has a titillating, almost intoxicating effect. As if you have dozens of blooming lilies in your house.
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Diffuse fragrant notes of nature into your home. Natural scents bring atmosphere to your home and have a positive effect on your mood. Natural Room Spray is a natural home perfume based on premium essential oils.

A few sprays are enough to immerse the room in the right atmosphere or to quickly get rid of unpleasant odors. You can also perfume your pillowcases or other textiles safely and naturally with Natural Room Spray.

Empty bottles can easily be refilled with your favorite RainPharma essential oil and RainPharma Natural Room Spray Liquid using a funnel and pipette. Use 5% or 10% essential oil depending on the desired fragrance strength.

Ylang-ylang creates a peaceful atmosphere and harmonizes body and mind. The beautiful yellow flower also symbolizes femininity and has the allure of an aphrodisiac.

alcohol (denat.), propanediol, essential oil

Plant based. No nasties.

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