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Beauty Sleep Cover

RainPharma - This universal cushion cover protects your pillow and pillowcase from stains while your skin enjoys the ultimate beauty sleep thanks to one of our products.
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A must-have for any beauty lover! Various RainPharma products do their utmost all night long for your radiant skin. Charcoal Detox Mask deeply purifies your skin while you sleep and, thanks to Stay Golden Lotion, you wake up with a sun-kissed glow. You should also leave the RainPharma treatments on overnight for optimal results. Apply the product in the evening before going to bed, and rinse everything off under the shower in the morning. Handy, right? But of course you don't want your bedding to suffer. Beauty Sleep Cover is a pillow protector that you can easily and quickly pull over your pillowcase. We chose the best high thread count satin with long cotton fibers: perfect for a comfortable night's sleep. Thanks to the elastic edge, the cover will stay on your pillow all night long. Sleep well tonight and wake up tomorrow morning with radiant skin!

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