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Magic 11 Essential Oil 30ML

RainPharma - This magical winter fragrance is a blend of 11 essential oils: Cinnamon, Ginger, Orange, Mandarin, Black Pepper, Frankincense, Cedarwood, Thyme, Eucalyptus and Sage.
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A touch of magic works wonders. That is why RainPharma created a magical winter scent based on no less than 11 essential oils. Cinnamon and ginger will make your house smell like freshly baked cookies. Orange and mandarin add a cheerful fresh touch. Black pepper and frankincense provide a captivating, mysterious undertone. Cedar wood makes everything warm and pine brings soothing forest air into your living room. A touch of thyme, eucalyptus and sage purifies the air in your home. With this enchanting blend of natural scents you give every room a magical touch so that everyone feels warm welcome.

Dermatologically tested
Suitable for vegans
Free from aggressive preservatives

Essential or essential oil is a very precious, concentrated liquid that is extracted by distillation from the flowers, leaves, roots and stems of real plants, flowers and herbs. They contain the life force of the plant that we perceive as fragrance. Many therapeutic properties are attributed to essential oils: their intense scents stimulate, invigorate or calm us. They are a special and precious gift from nature.

RainPharma essential oil is of an extra pure premium quality. A bottle contains about 600 fragrant droplets. Use them in the RainPharma Aroma Diffuser, let them evaporate in a scent burner or make your own home perfume with our Natural Room Spray Liquid. For ultimate relaxation, dissolve a few drops in Precious Bath Oil and add the mix to a warm bath. Or go for a fragrant massage and mix a few drops in Professional Massage Oil.

essential oil blend

100% essential oil.

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