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Gift Box - Singing in the Rain

RainPharma - Showering with RainPharma is a unique experience. With this set you can turn your daily shower into a wonderful spa treatment, from head to toe. 
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Ready for a 100% natural shower ritual? Set your old toiletries aside and treat yourself with the premium body, hair, and face products in this all-over shower set. 

We bet we can quickly convince you! 

  1. Wet the Body Wonder Towel well and squirt one pump of Skin Wash on it. Knead well to mix the highly concentrated formula with water and make it foam. This allows you to create a natural cloud of foam that you can use to wash a whole family! With one 250 ml bottle you can shower every day for over 6 months! Not only does the Body Wonder Towel generate a rich foam with your Skin Wash, but it also scrubs the skin gently and is handy for washing your back.
  2. You can make your skin soft and smooth with our Classic Shower Scrub. The plant-based scrub particles get rid of dead skin cells while the sweet minty fragrance treats you to a hammam experience. Take a little Shower Scrub in your hands and rub it all over your body. Then rinse off well.
  3. Wet your hair thoroughly and take a little Pure Shampoo in your hand. By mixing the plant-based formula thoroughly with water and adding air to it you get a rich foam. Using a natural shampoo for the first time? It can sometimes take a few weeks for your hair to get used to it. But once it has you’ll never want anything else!
  4. Also wash your face at the same time while you’re in the shower: quick and easy. Take a little Brightening Face Scrub and use your hands to make circular movements over your face for soft peachy skin. You can use this effective but mild scrub on a daily basis. Rinse off then wash your face with Dedicated Face Wash. Place a small quantity in your hands, make it foam on your face, rinse and you’re done!
  5. Finish off your shower with Classic After Oil. Turn the tap off for now and rub the nourishing oil into your wet skin. Is your whole body covered? Then rinse briefly and dry yourself off. There’s no need to apply any body lotion now, yet your skin is silky soft. Quick and easy. And you get a tropical citrus smell as a bonus!
  6. Step out of the shower and dry your hair too. Take a little Authentic Conditioner and spread the unique leave-in formula over your towel-dried hair. Even if you have short hair, we recommend using a conditioner when you use a natural shampoo. If you have long hair, feel free to treat your locks to a generous dose

1 x 250 ml Skin Wash Lemongrass
1 x 250 ml Classic After Oil
1 x 60 ml Classic Shower Scrub
1 x 60 ml Pure Shampoo
1 x 60 ml Authentic Conditioner
1 x 20 ml Brightening Face Scrub
1 x 100 ml Dedicated Face Wash
1 x Body Wonder Towel

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