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Vase Somme

UNC - Nature’s wonders never cease to amaze. Locked inside the oceans, rivers and creeks, is a plethora of inspiration – from the deepest blue shades to the brightest, luminescent colours, tiniest grains of sand to massive coral reefs – breathing as one.
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It is France’s Baie de Somme, one of the most beautiful bays in the world, that inspired the name for this Urban Nature Culture vase. At low tide, you can take walks across this French bay – as it reveals some of its secrets. Looking at the whimsical shape of the Somme vase, it’s easy to see how its name came to life. With a volcanic structure in a mix of white and sand, it truly looks like one of the dried corals you might find while beachcombing.

Material: Ceramic
Color: White
Size: 7 * 18.5 * 30 cm
Weight: 1660 gr

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